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Losing weight can be a challenge.

Many people start diets and work out believing it is the fastest way to lose weight, but often give up when not seeing results.  The fastest way to lose weight is a personalized weight loss plan with Elite Health Colorado.  Weight loss plans may include thyroid optimization, medically supervised plans, and supplements. The team at Elite Health Colorado supports every patient on their weight loss journey by working together and promoting lifelong maintenance and good health.


Elite Health Colorado supports our patients’ weight loss with high-quality supplements.

Supplements used by our team include lipotropic injections, DIM, vitamins, probiotics, and DHEA.  Our provider will recommend the best supplements to achieve weight loss goals as part of our medically supervised plan.  The fastest way to lose weight in Colorado Springs is to work with the professionals at Elite Health Colorado.

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At Elite Health Colorado, our mission is to improve the health and quality of our patient’s lives through exceptional personalized care. 

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