You can not stop aging, but you can reduce the signs

Facial fillers are a precise injection of gels where the skin has lost volume.  They are used to plump lips, smooth facial lines and can reduce blemishes or scars.  Fillers can also contour the structure of the face, fill the hallows under the eyes, plump the cheeks, and even add volume to the hands.  The effects of the fillers last anywhere between six to eighteen months, depending on the individual.

Micro Needling

Micro needling, or collagen production therapy, is a procedure that uses a derma roller to prick the skin with needles. The needles stimulate the skin to produce new collagen and skin tissue. The experts at Elite Health Colorado use micro needling to treat scars, large pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks. The procedure is minimally invasive and require no downtime for recovery. Ideal results are achieved after multiple sessions.

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Our team at Elite Health Colorado is excited to be adding fillers to our catalog of procedures to make you look as good as you feel.

At Elite Health Colorado, our mission is to improve the health and quality of our patient’s lives through exceptional personalized care. 

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